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My 2018 began with another effort to lose the weight. I was determined. I read books, scoured websites, listened to the experts. I ate & drank what they told me was the best way to reset my metabolism & I exercised 5-6 times a week. When that didn’t work I switched to HIIT and intermittent fasted 20 hours a day for 3 months. I bought the Raw Cacao powder, bone broth protein & MCT oil. I ate organic, gluten free, soy free. I lost 20 lbs. in 6 months & regained 8 when I fractured a vertabra. A fall off a treadmill a month later left me discouraged & I feared a future filled with one health issue after another. I saw transformation pictures on a FaceBook page of my friend, Dana. I contacted her and started the next week. She explained to me that OPTAvia is not an exercise based program. It’s a nutrition based program with moderate movement encouraged 3 to 5 times a week. She told me if I followed the program I would lose weight & begin to regain my health. In three months I lost 41 pounds. But the weight loss wasn’t the only thing happening. My joint pain was gone along with my constant heartburn. My cholesterol levels improved. My brain fog was gone and my mindset was changing. I began to develop healthy habits. Discipline. And a desire to help family and friends find the same success. Yes, the girl with the lifelong weight issues is now coaching others to find their healthier life.

Sara Mazzo

OPTAvia Health and Wellness coach

What a difference a year makes! It was one year ago today when I began my journey to health! I never imagined I could feel this good and have the energy to help with our business, run two half-marathons, take care of my husband post cancer surgery and keep up with life!

“I can’t believe it... I LOST MY WIFE!!! And I’ve never been so happy about it! Now let me clarify... As of this morning, I’ve OFFICIALLY lost 121 pounds in only a little more than 6.5 months! That lovely lady I’m holding in the pic weighs 120 (after losing 20 on our program - Woo hoo!). So this pic represents me holding both what I’ve LOST... as well as what I’ve GAINED! I lost 121 pounds of weight... emotional baggage... pain... frustration... guilt... and I’ve GAINED my health... a better marriage... a better ministry... a better LIFE! I can’t believe all these years of pain could’ve been solved in only 6.5 months. Where will YOU be in 6.5 months?

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